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Facts About N95 Masks
over 3 years ago

 Coronavirus pandemic originated from Wuhan in China, and within a couple of months, it has spread to every corner of the world. Governments of different countries put down measures to limit the spread of the disease. The disease has affected many people regardless of their social status, age, religion, and culture. The virus easily spreads because it is respiratory. Usually, one gets infected after coming into contact with someone’s respiratory droplets either directly or indirectly or after coming into contact with contaminated objects and surfaces. The World Health Organization has recommended the use of face masks to reduce the spread of the virus.


When buying a face mask, there are several things that you need to consider. The most recommended mass are the surgical mask and the N95 mask. However, you can use other types of masks as long as they can prevent you from spreading or contracting the virus. Before buying a face mask, first, check with your health care provider. The health care provider will recommend the best mask for you. Some masks make it hard to breathe. Therefore, if you are suffering from respiratory conditions, the healthcare provider will recommend the best type of mask for you.


Many people prefer N95 masks because they have exhalation valves that cut moisture. Also, N95 masks are effective in filtering the air you are breathing in. Therefore, you will not breathe in air with dust particles or other particulate matters. Also, N95 masks have high efficacy in bacterial filtration. Thus they are effective in ensuring that you do not contract the coronavirus. Other benefits of N95 masks from Pandemic Pal are they are suitable for people who have allergies, and they are environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable. Unlike surgical masks that supposedly have a short life span, N95 masks for sale are quite durable. Therefore, you can wear them regularly, even to avoid breathing in dust and vehicle emissions.


It would be best if you disposed of the N95 mask after it gets clogged, damaged, or deformed. A damaged, clogged, or deformed N95 masks have lost its functionality and cannot protect you from contracting coronavirus or breathing in dust and vehicle emissions. Also, it isn't easy to breathe when wearing a clogged or jammed N95 mask. Do not buy N95 masks for your child because there is no precise fit for them. Thus this mask will not fully protect your child from contracting coronavirus.


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